The designing query for multilayer of FPC II

 The designing query for multilayer of FPC
                            ---II   Production process
After the material chosen, from production process to control the sliding plate and sandwich plate becomes even more important.To increase the number of bending, it need especially control when making heavy electric copper process.General it is required of life for sliding plate and a multilayer layered plate, the mobile phone industry general minimum bend reach 80000 times.
For FPC adopts the general process for the whole board plating process, unlike hard after a figure tram, so in the copper plating does not require too thickly plated copper thick, surface copper in 0.1 ~ 0.3 mil is most appropriate.(at the copper plating of copper and copper deposition ratio is about 1:1) but in order to ensure the quality of hole copper and SMT hole copper and base material at high temperature stratification, and mounted on the electrical conductivity of the product and communication, copper thick degree requirements is 0.8 ~ 1.2 mil or above.
In this case can come up a problem, maybe someone will ask, surface copper demand is only 0.1 ~ 0.3 mil, and (no copper substrate) hole copper requirements in 0.8 ~ 1.2 mil? How did you do it?This is needed to increase the general process flow diagram of FPC board (if require only 0.4 ~ 0.9 mil) plating for: cutting and drilling to copper plating (black holes), electric copper (0.4 ~ 0.9 mil) - graphics - after process.
As the electricity market demand for FPC products more and more strong, for FPC, product protection and the operation of the individual consciousness of product quality has important effects on the final inspection through the market, efficient productivity in the manufacturing process and the product will be one of the key weight of printed circuit board competition.And to its attention, also will be the various manufacturers to consider and solve the problem.