The designing query for multilayer of FPC I

         The designing query for multilayer of FPC
              ---I Overview and producing requirement
In recent years, FPC, with its own characteristics, plays a more and more important role in the slide in the design of the mobile phones and folding. As the miniaturization of electronic products, high speed, under the demand of digital and networking, a slide to fit the communication of the mobile phone industry in mobile phones and folding demands of FPC life and impedance is more and more refined, so how to control well in the process?

FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit can be radial Printed Circuit board, it has good flexibility, light weight, small footprint, good sealing, stable transmission characteristics, insulation performance is good wait for a characteristic advantage. In recent years, FPC with its own characteristics, in the design of the slider and folding mobile phone, play an increasingly important role. Increase as the number of mobile phone use soft board as well as the quality requirements of strict, therefore, we need in the product design and production, in the process of layout design, select material and production process maintenance etc, so as to reducing the occurrence of bad product, the effective ways to improve the qualified rate.

Production requirements

1. design, material selection, if the customers do not reflect or specify what kind of base material, should consider to rolling copper, because of its bending resistance is better than electrolytic copper.But the base material with glue and without glue has a bigger influence on the bending performance and, in general no plastic base material of bending resistance is better than to have adhesive backing of bending resistance.

Often PI (poly binge imide), PET (poly (PVC) or GE (glass fiber).One PI, best performance, the price also is higher.1/2 mil thickness have, 1 mil, 2 mil and others..
2. Select material collocation: when 2 design because of its high performance requirements, on the choice of material base material or CVL should be to consider the direction of the "thin".
3 design layout: bending area line requirements: a) need to bend section cannot have a hole;B) line should be on both sides of the additional protection of copper wire, if space is insufficient, should choose in the bending part of the R Angle additional protection copper wire;C) circuit connection part of the designed curve.
4 bending area (air gap) requirements: to do layered bending area, will glue to remove, easy to disperse stress.The bending area is in does not affect the assembly, the bigger the better.